Research History and Interests

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My research interests have always gravitated towards the intersections between fiction and reality, text and context, the ripples that a story sends out as it is spoken into being.

Doctoral Research

I am currently undertaking my PhD in English at the University of Nottingham. My thesis investigates the disruptive potentiality of dystopian discourse, exploring fictional interference in humanity’s future trajectories.

Masters Research

My 2021 MA dissertation examined Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale and The Testaments as antipredictions, fictional futures against which her readers must revolt. Through a close reading of the languages of resistance across both novels, I highlighted the silences Atwood perpetuates in order to amplify the voices of exclusively white, middle-class, heterosexual women. If a fictional feminist revolution continues to centre white women, I asked, can it truly inspire change in the real world?

Honours Research

In 2019 I submitted a long essay entitled Moving the Margins: Representations of Young Black Women in The Hate U Give and Children of Blood and Bone, in partial fulfilment of my Bachelor of Arts with Honours degree. My primary focus was on the ways in which Angie Thomas and Tomi Adeyemi exploded the conventions of the YA contemporary and fantasy genres, respectively, to centre black teenagers. I argued for the exciting potential of young adult literature as a space where diverse voices can effectively denormalise whiteness, as well as the implications of this for an emergent generation of young readers and writers.

Latest Publication

Book Review: Queer and Feminist Theories of Narrative. Tory Young. Routledge, 2021. ISBN: 9780367681098, 120pp.

Journal of Languages, Texts, and Society, Vol. 5 (2021), 1-4 [online].
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