Review Policy


I am currently NOT accepting requests for reviews.

If you would like me to review your novel, please contact me via email at allthingsamy[at]yahoo[dot]com.

Please note the following if you would like me to review your novel:

  1. My preferred genres are Young Adult (Fantasy, Dystopian, Paranormal and Contemporary), FantasyContemporary Fiction and Science Fiction. However, this does not guarantee that I will accept all requests falling under the above categories, nor does it mean that I am not open to reviewing novels from other genres.
  2. I am willing to work within a reasonable timeframe to review your novel. However, because I am a full-time student, I cannot read and review a book in any less than three weeks, unless I inform you otherwise.
  3. Because I live in South Africa, I generally only accept e-books in PDF or Kindle format. If you would prefer to send me a physical copy of the book, please contact me regarding shipping details.
  4. I do not believe in sending authors a copy of my review before I post it online. Please respect that my reviews are aimed at providing other readers with an honest and fair opinion that is entirely my own. Positive or negative criticism will depend on my private enjoyment of a novel.

I suggest that that all authors who request that I review their novels are well-acquainted with the way I read and write. I am an emotional reader – I will not deny it. Please read through a couple of my recent blogs or reviews to ensure that you are comfortable enough with my writing to have me write an entire review of your novel in the same style. However, if I can see that the novel requires a more serious writing style, I will adjust my tone and diction accordingly.

My Rating Scale

I rate books using the standard five-star system (similar to Goodreads).

1 star2 stars3 stars4 stars5 stars

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