Saturday Spotlight #2

Saturday Spotlight is a weekly feature in which I honor a book, character, or author that has consumed my mind and may be the cause of future therapy sessions.

The day after Christmas is always difficult. It feels like the whole world is hung over from an overdose of “family fun”, the excitement of unwrapping gifts, and the regrettable amounts of food consumed over the past twenty-four hours.

Surprisingly, though, I’ve been a ray of sunshine all day. And I’m probably one of the moodiest, most cynical people on earth at this time of year.

I’ll give you three guesses why.

Despite having been woken up at four a.m. to climb into a stuffy car with a 10626594grumpy family, and then driving for eight hours to arrive in the absolute middle of nowhere, I’ve never felt more alive. Why? Because I’ve been living vicariously through Maggie Stiefvater’s magnificent characters all day. Physically, I may have been holed up in a car, but spiritually I’m a water horse galloping through the waves. Or at least, I’m riding a water horse. That sounds pretty cool to me, too.

The point is, no other author’s writing has been able to transport me away from this world so completely as Maggie Steifvater’s achingly beautiful prose. Even now, I feel like a water horse pining after the ocean, because the book is right there across the room, and I can hear it calling to me.

I haven’t finished it yet, but I can safely say that I love it to bits. Go read it if you haven’t yet. You can thank me later for relieving you of your post-Christmas depression.

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