Saturday Spotlight #8

Saturday Spotlight is a weekly feature in which I honor a book, character, or author that has consumed my mind and may be the cause of future therapy sessions.

{Quick note: This post is going to be a little messy, because I’m currently taking advantage of my first totally free half hour of the week. Uni is crazy. But amazing. (ICYMI: I started university this week and have been busy busy busy with the orientation programme. I blogged about my book struggle here.) So forgive me. I still love you guys.}

Seeing as I haven’t had much time to read this week, I’m going to change up my Saturday Spotlight just a little bit. Instead of focusing on one specific book or author that helped me get through the week, this is going to be a kind of author appreciation post for all (or at least some of) those magical beings that have helped me get through life thus far. When I feel like curling into a ball and hiding away from real-life responsibilities, I often turn to fictional characters or fantasy worlds for motivation to carry on. These authors’ creations have helped me through some of my darkest moments:

  1. Suzanne Collins

Real talk: Katniss Everdeen in the books is not the Katniss Everdeen portrayed in the films. Not that I don’t love J. Law’s version of the Hunger Games heroine, but book-Katniss had more spunk, less grace, and a whole lot more emotional intensity. She was the first female protagonist that I didn’t fall in love with immediately, and realizing that I could support her without liking her was a huge turning point in my reading life. Katniss is badass. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her, and when I’m struggling with my anxiety, I often picture her sheer determination and IDGAF-attitude to help me push through storms of self-consciousness.

  1. J. R. R. Tolkien

I’ve spoken about this numerous times already, but basically whenever I’m facing a challenge or an adventure, my go-to inspiration is, “If Bilbo Baggins could survive his ‘nasty, uncomfortable adventure’, then I sure as hell can make it through the day.”


  1. Jennifer L. Armentrout

Armentrout’s stories can make me feel happy even when I’m in the darkest of moods. She’s hilarious. Her stories are totally adorkable, and her characters are freaking amazing. I’ve never been able to read one of her books without laughing out loud, or fangirling over her witty, headstrong and independent female protagonists. (Plus, her romance is on point. Especially when there are aliens involved.)

  1. C. S. Lewis

The Chronicles Of Narnia is my standard escape route from reality, and has been since I was about six years old. I still have hope that I’ll find it in the back of my wardrobe.

Also, during those times when everybody seems to be on a personal mission to annoy you, it helps to imagine yourself in the middle of one of those epic battles. Except your fight is for human decency and the elimination of narrow-minded assholes.


  1. Cassandra Clare

Sometimes, life is just easier when you imagine William Herondale by your side.


Thanks for reading! Do you guys also have go-to authors for emotional revitalisation sessions? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS FOR SURVIVING THE REAL WORLD. Comment below or find me on Twitter so that we can fangirl together about bookish things.

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