About Me

All Things Amy is something that formed at the intersection of my three greatest loves: reading, writing, and arguing with people on the internet.

This is supposed to be the section where I talk about myself so that you vaguely understand the person hiding behind the letters on your screen. Unfortunately, all the time I’ve spent writing about other people has not prepared me for this. So you’re going to have to make do with whatever nonsense I decide to throw onto this page and edit into oblivion.

I’m Amy, a messy vortex of words trapped in the body of a 22-year-old woman. My preferred pronouns are she/her, but I’ll also answer to “Her Excellence” and “that thing” (depending on the state of my crippling self-esteem). Half my life is lived in search of quiet places to read and write; the other is spent in search of quiet trails to run and walk. Either way, you’re likely to find me steadfastly ignoring the real world and escaping to somewhere not-quite-here. All of this takes place while I over-study for my MA in English Literature, which admittedly results in far too many stress headaches. It’s an exhilarating, distressing, wildly busy, panic-stricken life and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

This blog was born on a little Blogspot account that travelled a long way, causing me a little embarrassment and equal amounts of laughter and tears when it fell into the hands of family and friends (oops), high school English teachers (kill me now), and finally some incredible writers who gave me far more attention and kindness than I deserve. That blog’s still out there, but I outgrew it and made the decision to move here.

I’m a compulsive dreamer hesitating on the cusp of my future. This blog and the passions I’ve woven into it are my anchors against the tumultuous tides of the real world. My creativity and inspiration come in chaotic bursts, which means that my posts can be erratic, but know that everything I publish here is crafted with care. Words have power, and I try to exercise caution when choosing mine.

I love getting in touch with my readers, so feel free to contact me by commenting, following, emailing me (at allthingsamy[at]yahoo[dot]com), adding me on Goodreads, or following me on Twitter. I’ll tell you about what books made me cry and you can laugh at my nonsense.


  1. My fave bio that I’ve read so far 🙂


  2. Ibrahim Lawal Ahmed says:

    This is the most amusing ‘About’ I have ever read! I imagine, you are gentle in appearance but have a restless soul.


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