Review: ‘Take Me To The Cat’ by Bryant A. Loney

One innocent reunion. One dark and deadly secret. And the truth that threatens them all. Nostalgic high school senior Michael Jackson wants nothing more than to reunite with his friends from elementary school—and possibly change his name. Transferring before middle school after his parents’ nasty divorce, Michael always felt he was at his happiest backContinue reading “Review: ‘Take Me To The Cat’ by Bryant A. Loney”

Review: ‘Exodus In Confluence’ by Bryant A. Loney

 “NO PLACE IS EVER GOING TO BE SAFE.” Exodus in Confluence is a glimpse at what can happen to people when they are put under truly adverse circumstances — struggling to hold onto their moral values in the face of almost certain death. It’s a blend of narrative and commentary on the human condition. It’sContinue reading “Review: ‘Exodus In Confluence’ by Bryant A. Loney”

Review: ‘To Hear The Ocean Sigh’ by Bryant A. Loney

 Jay Murchison believes he is a nobody at his high school in Oklahoma. Coming from a conservative family of affordable luxury, Jay has an overwhelming desire to become something great. After a mysterious girl named Saphnie in North Carolina mistakenly texts him, an unlikely relationship develops that affects Jay’s self-perception and influences the rest ofContinue reading “Review: ‘To Hear The Ocean Sigh’ by Bryant A. Loney”