Plagiarism in Publishing

Studying Literature at university may not make me an expert (yet or maybe ever, who knows?) on all things academia, but one thing I can be certain of is my extensive knowledge about plagiarism. Although, in all fairness, this knowledge came about more from my experiences as a tutor than as a student myself. IContinue reading “Plagiarism in Publishing”

How I Balance Life as a Blogger, Reviewer, and Full-time University Student

Blogging is a huge commitment. In terms of time alone, it’s capable of draining hours upon hours of your life for one measly post that takes 7 minutes to read – tops. Then there’s the stress of what to actually write about, which (for me at least) often just centers on how hard blogging actually is. Fun, right? IContinue reading “How I Balance Life as a Blogger, Reviewer, and Full-time University Student”

3 Books That Are *Better* To Listen To

(Yeah. I know. I never thought I’d be writing this post, either.) My appreciation for audio books took a while to develop. Okay, maybe that’s not all that honest – my tolerance of audio books took a while to develop. Getting to a stage where I actually enjoyed them? Yeah, that took me several years. Several yearsContinue reading “3 Books That Are *Better* To Listen To”

[Rant]: Why Wonder Woman Deserves Better Than To Be Fired For Her Big Boobs

(I was considering titling this post “I Wish Wonder Woman Were Here To Crush Your Sexist Heads Between Her Godly Thighs, asshats”, but luckily Diana’s taught me to be better than that.) Warning: This is a long post. I have a lot of feelings about this issue, and very few of them are positive. As I’mContinue reading “[Rant]: Why Wonder Woman Deserves Better Than To Be Fired For Her Big Boobs”

Rape at Rhodes: A Call For Appropriate Action

Trigger Warning: The following post contains a discussion surrounding rape and sexual violence on university campuses. Let’s get one thing straight before I begin this discussion. No matter the circumstances, no matter the cause, no matter the clothing, touching somebody without her OR his consent is not okay. The human right to privacy is protectedContinue reading “Rape at Rhodes: A Call For Appropriate Action”

“Are we ready? …Uh huh. Good.”

A hopeless response to President Zuma’s hopeless address to the nation. I could lie and say that I don’t know what I expected as I sat there, cellphone in one hand, TV remote in the other, glancing lazily between my Twitter feed and the eNCA debate. But I know exactly what I expected. I expectedContinue reading ““Are we ready? …Uh huh. Good.””

eBooks vs. Audio Books vs. Actual Books

All readers are well-acquainted with the struggle of deciding which format is best for their next book bargain. It may seem like such a shallow problem (they’re all books, you might say, they all have the same story) but, speaking from experience, sometimes reading a book in the wrong format sucks. I once downloaded Miss Peregrine’s Home ForContinue reading “eBooks vs. Audio Books vs. Actual Books”

Why I’m not doing the 2016 Goodreads Reading Challenge

Yeah, you read that right. I know – it’s a total shocker. Some might call it a tragedy. I’ve been doing the Goodreads challenge since 2012, and every year I’ve somehow managed to achieve whatever goals I set. On top of that, 2015 was my best year for reading ever: I finished over 60 books,Continue reading “Why I’m not doing the 2016 Goodreads Reading Challenge”