Nine Women Who Activated My Feminism

Today we are supposed to remember women in action: the beat of more than 20,000 feet marching toward the Union Buildings, the vision of women standing together in solidarity, the rallying cry of Wathint’abafazi, wathint’imbokodo. But how are we to bring this history into focus when our present moment is distorted by screams? How are we to echo the timeless words of protest when they conjure up memories of our bruised and bloodied bodies? It is a brutal irony, of course, that our protest song threatens the abuser with death, uza kufa!, while so many of these murderers walk free. Because we are not rocks, however much we wish we were. When we are beaten, we cry out. We bleed. We die.

[Rant]: Why Wonder Woman Deserves Better Than To Be Fired For Her Big Boobs

(I was considering titling this post “I Wish Wonder Woman Were Here To Crush Your Sexist Heads Between Her Godly Thighs, asshats”, but luckily Diana’s taught me to be better than that.) Warning: This is a long post. I have a lot of feelings about this issue, and very few of them are positive. As I’mContinue reading “[Rant]: Why Wonder Woman Deserves Better Than To Be Fired For Her Big Boobs”

Rape at Rhodes: A Call For Appropriate Action

Trigger Warning: The following post contains a discussion surrounding rape and sexual violence on university campuses. Let’s get one thing straight before I begin this discussion. No matter the circumstances, no matter the cause, no matter the clothing, touching somebody without her OR his consent is not okay. The human right to privacy is protectedContinue reading “Rape at Rhodes: A Call For Appropriate Action”

“Are we ready? …Uh huh. Good.”

A hopeless response to President Zuma’s hopeless address to the nation. I could lie and say that I don’t know what I expected as I sat there, cellphone in one hand, TV remote in the other, glancing lazily between my Twitter feed and the eNCA debate. But I know exactly what I expected. I expectedContinue reading ““Are we ready? …Uh huh. Good.””