How to Set (and Stick to) a Routine During COVID-19

Last week South Africa joined the ranks of countries going into lock-down to stop the spread of COVID-19, which means that most of us are roughly four days into our mild emotional breakdowns by now. For everyone staying home and doing their part to flatten the curve: I see you. This sucks. But we’re doingContinue reading “How to Set (and Stick to) a Routine During COVID-19”

Three Ways to Take Care of Yourself in 2020

I’m not great at this whole “self-care” thing. Scratch that – if we’re being completely honest here, I’m probably the worst person in the world at practicing self-care. When my therapist tells me to keep working on my “self-care” techniques, I think she pictures me meditating under a willow tree by a peaceful stream, aContinue reading “Three Ways to Take Care of Yourself in 2020”

How I Balance Life as a Blogger, Reviewer, and Full-time University Student

Blogging is a huge commitment. In terms of time alone, it’s capable of draining hours upon hours of your life for one measly post that takes 7 minutes to read – tops. Then there’s the stress of what to actually write about, which (for me at least) often just centers on how hard blogging actually is. Fun, right? IContinue reading “How I Balance Life as a Blogger, Reviewer, and Full-time University Student”

Coming Clean

Hey everyone. It seems like every time I log into this blog, I’m writing another apology post for six months of being M.I.A. But this isn’t an apology for the past two years of sporadic updates, random book reviews, and just… silence, really. Both here and in the blogging community. Reading and writing are theContinue reading “Coming Clean”

Oh, look, I found the wormhole back to this side of reality. Finally. (Feat. A list of torture techniques 2017 perfected on me)

(I accidentally found the perfect gif for this situation. For those who get the reference, please take note of how accurate it is. For those that don’t, it’s a ridiculous man excitedly re-emerging from a toilet bowl. What other information do you need?) So it’s December again, which means it’s time for my annual “IContinue reading “Oh, look, I found the wormhole back to this side of reality. Finally. (Feat. A list of torture techniques 2017 perfected on me)”

General Update (Still Not Dead, I Swear)

{Oh, wow. My third ‘I promise I’m still alive – please don’t contact the authorities’ post in a row. That’s gotta be a new record.}  Hey, geeks. Look who decided to resurface from the depths of cyber space and grace you all with her (admittedly worn out and slightly grey-tinged) presence, am I right?

A Pity Party? For Me? You Shouldn’t Have…

This is a mixture between an apology/excuse post for pulling off another unexpected vanishing act and a rant about my current headspace. All in all, probably the one post a blogger should never write. But we don’t exactly follow the rules in this little corner of the internet. Clearly. So I’m going to break anotherContinue reading “A Pity Party? For Me? You Shouldn’t Have…”

Rape at Rhodes: A Call For Appropriate Action

Trigger Warning: The following post contains a discussion surrounding rape and sexual violence on university campuses. Let’s get one thing straight before I begin this discussion. No matter the circumstances, no matter the cause, no matter the clothing, touching somebody without her OR his consent is not okay. The human right to privacy is protectedContinue reading “Rape at Rhodes: A Call For Appropriate Action”

In Other News, I’m Not Dead Yet

I don’t know why, but typing this up feels like sitting all you guys down in front of the tenth season of a series that you’ve never seen before, and expecting you to understand what’s going on from the Previously on Supernatural… clip. {Hopefully at least some of you read that last part in JensenContinue reading “In Other News, I’m Not Dead Yet”

THE STRUGGLE: Deciding which books to take to Uni

In case you weren’t already aware, this week I set off on my latest adventure – university. This is the first step on the path towards my (admittedly fantastical) dreams, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m moving halfway across the country, and although that means leaving behind my family and my bed, I don’tContinue reading “THE STRUGGLE: Deciding which books to take to Uni”